The sport-youth-studying these are the terms that belong together as long as the years spent on a university are far from being narrowed solely to the learning and getting into the heart of the science as all of us who went through this level of education already know.

The Association of University Technical Sports in the Czech Republic (AUTS CR) offers wide possibilities for spending the leisure time by trying the technically demanding or unconventional sports for all our members who study high school or a university.

The students have been very much interested in eight offered sports as they visit the technical sports clubs organised by the universities. We offer eight technical disciplines including:

that attract new members every year. No wonder that youths are interested as the sports we offer reflect the young mentality and its desire to discover technically demanding non-traditional sports disciplines requiring both high physical and mental readiness.

Any graduate will appreciate the learned skills and the significant amount of mental resistance needed in practical life at work or in family as well as the knowledge acquired in school.

The activities of the University Clubs of Technical Sports and the participation of academics in sports activities prove that the sport is an inseparable part of the university student´s life while the university is a place for their realisation. We have been trying to keep this trend to approach the high reputation of the foreign universities that we can still only look up to slightly enviously.

Our Association currently consists of 18 clubs with over 2000 members while the AUTS CR has been working in 10 regions where most of the clubs are multi-sporting. The technical sports club under the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Charles University is our major club that unifies over 700 members putting together over one third of our member base.

The most attractive disciplines among the students are traditionally the paragliding the flying sports and the diving, however, the two of our Olympic sports do not stand behind. These are the sports shooting and the winter biathlon that both culminate internationally as a part of the World University Championship.

We should not forget to mention the remaining sports disciplines because there are the National Competitions of the Universities as well as the University Championships preceded by the local and regional rounds. Our partner organisation the Czech University Sports Association (CUSA) organises the annual Czech University Games that integrate around 30 sports disciplines and nearly 3000 participants.

The another successful area of our activities lies in a preparation of the talented youths and the university representation of the Czech Republic. The international success forms our reputation towards the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, towards CUSA, the sports associations and also towards the sponsors etc. This works like connected vessels because the success equals money.

Our Association has become a member of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) through the membership of CUSA.

We have been focusing the preparation of the University Representation of the Czech Republic to the winter biathlon and the sport shooting. However, we have also been trying to encourage and to support the talented sportsmen from other sports through the university clubs helping to create the suitable conditions for their training.

Our biathlonist regulary participated at the World Winter University Games since 80´s. The results from the 1997 games in Korea (1 gold medal and 4 bronze medals) and from 2009 game in China (1 gold medal and 2 bronze medals) set us a high target and has been giving us hard times because this unique outcome can be hardly beaten in the constantly rising qualities of the biathlon competitions. It would be considered as a failure if we had come home without any medal after such a successful year of 1997 and 2009 but fortunately we have always brought home at least one medal from any World University Championship since that. Most successful

The sport shooting is another Olympic sport besides biathlon that we are good at. Our association initiated the candidacy of the Czech Republic and the CUSA to organise the 1st Academic World Championship which has been accepted and approved by the FISU. This led to the successful introduction of this sport to the international level which caused a launch of this discipline to a programme of the Summer University Games 2007 in Bangkok and will be in the programme of the Summer University Games 2011 in Shenzhen, China too.

Our academics did not get lost there either in a quality competition comparable through the results and through the participating countries to the World Championships or the European Championships. Around 50 countries and over 400 competitors participated in the university shooting competitions.

We also cannot forget the results of our academics in other sports. They have succeed regularly on the association level as well as on the World Championships and the European Championships. The University students constitute up to two thirds of the National Representation of the Czech Republic in the Flippers swimming, the Radio orienteering and in the Flying sports.

And what do we expect from the following years? We would appreciate years without any financial, sports, social or any other collapse so that our activities may go along the well trodden paths that appear to be the right ones. We would like to say thanks to all those who supported us either financially, morally or just by demonstrating their interest. Thank you and we wish ourselves one thing for the upcoming years – Do not leave us!